Unique Process

Improved Crystal Formation

Efficient Production

Lower Cost

Greater Value


The Kanbo Advantage

Great Tasting Sucralose

Global Logistics Network

Annual Capacity of 3000MT

Highest Standards


Unique Process

Improved Crystal Formation

Efficient Production

Lower Cost

Greater Value


Technical Services

Formulation Assistance

Troubleshooting Capabilities

Consulting Services

Highest Standards

Unique Process

Our sucralose offers that deliciously sweet taste that sucralose is known for and our new technology makes it even better. Using our Improved Crystal Form (ICF) method, Kanbo Sucralose is both high in purity and consistent in quality and appearance.

Technical Advantage

Kanbo’s Sucralose is carefully monitored throughout the manufacturing process so that our quality is consistent and it has the purity and taste profile that you expect. Our team of highly experienced experts are there for you from inception to production.

Our commitment

The name “Kanbo” means “healthy treasures”. We want to be known in the industry for high quality sucralose, outstanding service and reliability. The Kanbo commitment can help your company create the healthy, delicious products your customers will treasure.

Kanbo’s Mission

It is Kanbo’s mission to become the world’s leading sucralose manufacturers. This can only be accomplished by creating a corporate climate where hard work and innovation are recognized and rewarded, and all employees do their individual best to achieve our common goal.

Manufacturing Practices

We pledge to incorporate the best manufacturing practices while insuring the safety of our workplace and respecting the environment.

Business Partners

To our business partners, we strive to collaborate in an atmosphere of mutual respect, to be a valuable resource and ally, and we vow to honor our commitments.


As for our customers, Kanbo  aims to create innovative products that ultimately help to create good health and well-being for all who consume them.

  • Our Company

    Strive continually to improve our technology and manufacturing processes in order to become one of the world’s leading sucralose manufacturers while protecting our workforce and the environment.

  • Our Employees

    Recognize, reward and protect our team while creating a company work environment that makes excellence the only way to do business.

  • Our Business Partners

    Provide high quality sucralose coupled with our technical know-how as a valuable resource to achieve a successful commercial collaboration that results in category leading products.

  • Our Customers

    Create innovative products that contribute to the health and well-being of our consumers but never sacrifice that delicious sweetness that consumers love.